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AC Cleaning Fee

Each service is a minimum of SGD 200. Discounts are now running when you service 2 or more ACs

Normal Servicing

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80SGD /unit

Chemical Cleaning

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100SGD /unit

Chemical Overhaul

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150SGD /unit
Service includes:
img-desc.ac including
  • Cleaning of the AC dust screen and fan blades

  • Cleaning of the AC steering parts, cover and casing

  • Cleaning of AC fuselage, wires and switches

  • Cleaning of the heat sinks and caging fan

  • Cleaning of the AC body, ventilators and draining the water condenser pipes

  • Assembling of the cleaned parts

  • Disinfection with high temperature and pressured commercial steaming

  • Disinfection of fungi in airshafts

  • Testing and optimizing of the air conditioner

Service Benefits
Why use Lazy?
img-desc.ac benefits
  • Every AC service attendant is professional and experienced.
  • We use cleaning solutions that are environmentally friendly and biologically harmless, all with safety certifications and regulations.
  • We use high-efficiency commercial steamers to thoroughly disinfect and kill fungi.
Got some questions , get some quick answers here
  • img-desc.ac faq 1 Service Scope

    What is included in our ac cleaning service?

    The types of air conditioner our service covers include split type air conditioners, window type air conditioners and cabinet type air conditioners. The service scope includes the removal of dust screens, fan blades, steering blades, face covers; cleaning of heat sink, pig cage, fan and the fuselage; draining of the water pipes; wiping of fuselage, wires and switches, and testing of the air conditioner to ensure that it works normally. Our service checkpoints will ensure no grease, fungi, and dust in the air conditioner.

  • img-desc.ac faq 2 Experienced AC Cleaning professional

    Who are the professional? Any qualifications? Are they legal workers?

    Lazy maintains a vast network of AC cleaning service providers. The air conditioning cleaning professionals and technicians on our platform are verified and reviewed on a professional level. Our technicians are trained and well-educated with air conditioning cleaning knowledge, experienced in cleaning, mould removal, disinfection, maintenance with professional equipment and supplies (such as tools and detergents).

  • img-desc.ac faq 3 Our Service

    How does our service work? What happens after I make a booking?

    When you make a booking for a service, your booking will go into the open market for our AC cleaning service providers to undertake fulfilment of your booking. If the order is not accepted 24 hours before the appointment time, the order will automatically be postponed by a week to the same timing on the day. This process repeats until an attendant is found or matched to you. If you are available for more than one day in a week for the service, you can also make a note inside the request. This allows attendants identify your flexibility easily leading to a faster smoother match of attendants interested in your booking.

    Once an attendant is matched, you will receive a confirmation of the booking and the details of the attendant via email or via a notification from our app.

    Please be advised that all orders are prepaid. If you are not matched with an attendant and if you find an alternative before your order is matched, we can process a full refund of your deposit. Please be advised that you will be refunded to the card that you paid with and that you might charge a nominal transaction fee for processing the transaction. In our experience however we have not seen this exceed $1 or 1% of the transaction value.

  • img-desc.ac faq 4 Cancellations

    Can I cancel the service I booked? Will I get a refund?

    For one-time services, cancellation comes without charge if there have been no matches for attendants. If however an attendant has been matched cancellations of orders will not be refunded if made less than 24 hours before the appointment. Attendants have set aside time and billable hours for these services and would need to be remunerated for the time allocated.

  • img-desc.ac faq 5 Secure Payments

    Are all payments secure?

    Lazy will never request cash payments from you. All payments are processed through Paypal’s Braintree payment service gateway. These payment gateways accept payments by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our platform does not deal in cash transactions to safeguard the payment arrangements for services and to prevent potential fraud or dishonesty by any attendant.

    Because all payments are processed by Paypal’s Braintree, all payment details are safeguarded safely. So, you can make transactions for services with confidence.

  • img-desc.ac faq 6 Refunds

    Can I get a refund for services not performed?

    If a week from your booking or the service date, whichever earlier, and if no attendant undertakes your booking, you may cancel and get a full refund for all prepayments and deposits put forward.

    If you are on a subscription and you decide to postpone a service, the prepayment for the current service will be deferred to the postponed service. While no refund will be processed for a deferred service, no additional prepayments will be charged for the deferred service either.

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