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Select between one-time service or a regular services plan:

One Time Plan

minimum 3 hours

$40 /Hr
  • Dedicated customer service

  • Cancel up to 1 day in advance

  • Adhoc service

  • Suitable for moving in or out

Weekly Plan

minimum 3 hours

$30 /Hr
  • Dedicated customer service

  • Reschedule 1 day in advance

  • Keep your cleaner

  • Swap your cleaner on demand

  • Most economical

12-24 cleaning sessions
minimum 3-6 months commitment

Bi-Weekly Plan

minimum 3 hours

$35 /Hr
  • Dedicated customer service

  • Reschedule 1 day in advance

  • Keep your cleaner

  • Swap your cleaner on demand

  • Economical

12-24 cleaning sessions
minimum 3-6 months commitment
We have covered third party liability insurance and personal accident insurance for our services. Cleaning service providers reserve the right to reject to perform any services which they deem it's a life and health risk. Eg. cleaning of an object or area at a high location and requires climbing. Weekend and peak hour surcharges are an additional SGD5 on top of the above rates.
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  • Icon Settings Our Service

    How does our service work? What happens after I make a booking?

    When you make a booking for a service, your booking will go into the open market for freelance cleaning service attendants to undertake fulfilment of your booking. If the order is not accepted 24 hours before the appointment time, the order will automatically be postponed by a week to the same timing on the day. This process repeats until a cleaning service attendant is found or matched to you. If you are available for more than one day in a week for the service, you can also make a note inside the request. This allows cleaning service attendants identify your flexibility easily leading to a faster smoother match of cleaning service attendants interested in your booking..

    Once a cleaning service attendant is matched, you will receive a confirmation of the booking and the details of the cleaning service attendant via email or via a notification from our app.

    Please be advised that all orders are prepaid. If you are not matched with a cleaning service attendant and if you find an alternative before your order is matched, we can process a full refund of your deposit. Please be advised that you will be refunded to the card that you paid with and that you might charge a nominal transaction fee for processing the transaction. In our experience however we have not seen this exceed $1 or 1% of the transaction value.

  • Icon Experience Professional and Local Attendants

    Who are our cleaning service attendants? What is their experience? Are they legal?

    All our cleaning service attendants are Singaporean citizens or permanent residents, have minimally 5 years of relevant experience or 2 years of relevant certified qualifications. Each cleaning service attendant is personally vetted, interviewed and background checked before being admitted into our community of freelance cleaning service attendants. Each cleaning service attendant is professional and experienced in dealing with the challenges of each household. For many cleaning service attendants, Lazy is their only viable form of livelihood. When you make an order with Lazy you are supporting and contributing to the livelihoods of our residents and local community and for that we thank you.

  • Icon ChangeYour Convenience is Priority

    Can I change my order timing and my cleaning service attendant?

    If you booked a subscription service and at any time during the subscription you wish to, change the timings of the an upcoming service, you may do so easily do so 48 hours before the service through the app. However, the confirmation and adjustments of bookings are subject to the acceptance of your assigned cleaning service attendant. If your cleaning service attendant is available and agreeable via a confirmation through the app, the booking will automatically be changed. Otherwise, you can propose another alternative date. This cycle repeats until an agreement is found and the appointment is changed.

    If however at any point during the subscription you are not able to meet an agreement for an alternative appointment date or if you wish have a new cleaning service attendant, you may simply do so through our app. Selecting this function will return your order return to the open market and await new cleaning service attendants for undertaking.

  • Icon WalletSecure Payments

    Are all payments secure?

    Lazy will never request cash payments from you. All payments are processed through Paypal’s Braintree payment service gateway. These payment gateways accept payments by Visa, MasterCard and American Express. Our platform does not deal in cash transactions to safeguard the payment arrangements for services and to prevent potential fraud or dishonesty by any cleaning service attendant. Because all payments are processed by Paypal’s Braintree, all payment details are safeguarded safely. So you can make transactions for services with confidence.

  • Icon Calender Accessibility to Attendants

    How long does it take to find a cleaning service attendant for my service?

    Our network of cleaning service attendants covers all of Singapore. This gives our users the ability to access our community of freelance cleaning attendant services any time 24 hours before the date and time of the appointment for cleaning service. Appointments made through our platform, takes on average one working day to match with a suitable attendant.

    We may on occasion experience a surge appointment requests during peak hours. This may lead to a shortage of available cleaning service attendants within the community who have availability to take up the request. We understand your urgency and will be most happy to assist you with the status of your order and where necessary, expedite your order for a cooking service appointment should we hear from you through Whatsapp at 87791839.

    Please be advised that we will be available to hear from you any time between Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6pm.

  • Icon SheildCancellations

    Can I cancel the service I booked? Will I get a refund?

    When subscribed to a subscription plan, you may cancel your plan subject to a $100 termination charge. This is because subscription plans are designed to ensure that your freelance cleaning service attendant can have security of income through your subscription. We are thus able to offer preferential and cheaper rates for the services as contrasted from one-time services. If, after a week of listing your booking, no matches for cleaning service attendants have been found, you can freely terminate the plan with termination charges waived. In such an event all prepayments or deposits for putting up a booking will be refunded fully.

    For one-time services, cancellation comes without charge if there have been no matches for cleaning service attendants. If, however a cleaning service attendant has been matched cancellations of orders will not be refunded if made less than 24 hours before the appointment. Cleaning service attendants have set aside time and billable hours for these services and would need to be remunerated for the time allocated.

Our Cleaners

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I am Lim Pei Yi, but the staff calls me Mdm Lim, I am 56 this year, I have been a homemaker for over 30 years. I am good with taking care of children. I have 3 sons and 1 daughter. I also take care of my eldest son’s children. I am good with cooking Chinese food too.
Celebrity Coffee Lam
Mdm Lim
Over 30 Years of home making experience
My name is Siti Binte Norsjaah, I am a housewife for over 20 years. I have 1 daughter who is now in university. I am a PR in Singapore and I have been living in Singapore for over 28 years. I am good at house cleaning and ironing of clothes.
Celebrity Skye Chan
Over 20 years of home making experience
I am Loong Mei San, I have been a professional office cleaner for 5 years. I live alone with my parents and take care of them as they are old. I am also good with elder care and cooking. I can do residential and moving in and moving out cleaning well.
Celebrity Venus Chow
Mei San
Over 5 years of professional cleaning experience
A part time cleaner a day, takes all the home cleaning away.