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Select between one-time cleaning service or a regular cleaning services plan:

One Time Plan



minimum 3 hours
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  • Dedicated customer service

  • Cancel up to 1 day in advance

  • Adhoc service

  • Suitable for moving in or out

Weekly Plan


minimum 3-6 months commitment

12-24 cleaning sessions
minimum 3 hours
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  • Dedicated customer service

  • Reschedule 1 day in advance

  • Keep your cleaner

  • Swap your cleaner on demand

  • Most economical

Bi-weekly Plan


minimum 3-6 months commitment

12-24 cleaning sessions
minimum 3 hours
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  • Dedicated customer service

  • Reschedule 1 day in adance

  • Keep your cleaner

  • Swap your cleaner on demand

  • Economical

We have covered third party liability insurance and personal accident insurance for our cleaning services. Part time maids and part time cleaners reserve the right to reject to perform any cleaning tasks that they deem it's a life and health risk. Eg. cleaning of an object or area at a high location and requires climbing. Weekend and peak hour surcharges are an additional SGD5 on top of the above rates.
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  • icon-team Booking Mechanics

    How does the service work?

    Whenever you place a booking, you are charged a prepayment for the cleaning service. The order you just made is then posted to our community of cleaners across Singapore. The pre-payment is held in escrow until the cleaner undertakes your order, shows up and completes the cleaning service. Only then will pre-payment be released from escrow and paid to the cleaner.

  • icon-stars Experienced Cleaners

    Who are the cleaning services providers?

    Your cleaning service will be performed by freelance cleaners who are Singaporean or Singapore PR with over 10 years of experience as homemakers. They are experienced in dealing with the cleaning challenges of each household.
    Because home makers have erratic schedules i.e. tending to children and their own homes, they are generally unable to find full time employment and take up freelance cleaning service work. Many of which have been in the free lance cleaning industry for over a decade.

  • icon-changeChanging Home Cleaners

    Can I change my cleaning service provider?

    Change of cleaners are only available for weekly and bi-weekly cleaning services. If you are not satisfied with the service of your existing part time cleaner, you may choose to have your cleaner replaced after the next cleaning session by selecting the change cleaner function inside our App. Replacement is subject to availability of cleaners. If no replacement cleaner takes your order 2 days before the order, your original cleaner will continue to show up. This process will continue until you are found a replacement.

  • icon-paymentIs pre-payment secure?

    What if my order is not performed?

    For one-time service order in the event a part time maid does not take your order, your pre-payment will not be consumed and will be carried over to the next cleaning service until a cleaner is matched. If this is your first booking on a weekly or bi-weekly package and you have not been able to be successfully matched to a cleaner, you may request for a cancellation without charge and a full refund if a cleaner fail to show up. Payments are processed and protected by renowned third-party payment provider Braintree & PayPal.

  • icon-stay-home Your Preference

    Am I able to reschedule my service whenever I want?

    You may reschedule all your services only through the app at least two days advance. The change in the appointment timing should be agreed between you and the cleaner before the change in timing.

  • icon-safeInsurance

    Who will pay to cover the 3rd party liability insurance of home helper or home cleaner?

    We like to keep our positions covered, as we do for yours. We have covered 3rd party liability insurance for all our cleaning services.

A part time cleaner a day, takes all the home cleaning away.